Me with the Youngest
Zero Waste is hard.

Really hard.

I've got a budget to follow and I bet you do too.  Fair-trade, organic shampoo in a compostable bottle for $25?  Yikes.  Not for me.

I'm pretty busy and I bet you are too.  Driving across town to the one store that refills shampoo bottles is not on my agenda.

Sooo....at Zero Waste Mommy, I try Zero Waste initiatives so you don't have to.  

          Sometimes it works.  Like giving up paper tissues.  

          Sometimes it doesn't.  Like cloth diapers.  
          Sometimes it's worth the extra effort. Like bringing reusable containers to the store.

          Sometimes it's not.  Like cloth diapers.  

Can you tell I'm not a fan of cloth diapers?

How to Use Zero Waste Mommy

To see what I've been working on, go to Posts.  I post every other Tuesday and posts are organized by the different parts of our lives.  For example, I spend a lot of time reducing waste In the Kitchen.  Another month might be In the Garden.

Another facet of Zero Waste Mommy is Recycle Or Not?.  This page is a pictorial on what you can recycle and what you can't.  Sure you can recycle plastic bottles and aluminum foil, but what about the caps, the foil you used to defrost a (bloody) steak or your child's art work?  Obviously my kid's no Matisse if I'm going there.

And finally, to keep me honest, there is the Zero Waste Tally.  Another pictorial to show you which Zero Waste practices we've incorporated into our lives and which became Zero Waste FAILs - too expensive, too time consuming.

Hubs with the Oldest

We're not zealots here.  We're just a regular family from Albuquerque, New Mexico trying to reduce our waste.  I hope we can help you do the same.

-kelley and the fam


  1. I see a lot of things you're doing above wrt zero waste, but I don't see:

    Sometimes it works/doesn't/is worth the effort. Like giving up toilet paper.

    If you really loved the world, you'd make cotton butt wipes out of your Aunt's swaddling cloth. ;)

    1. I missed this one! And yes, that's the point of ZWM, that sometimes, in this household, it isn't worth the effort or just doesn't work. Like reusable toilet paper. Exactly. :-)