July 13, 2017

Easy, DIY Booster Pillow for Kids

Okay, so pride might be "the beginning of sin," but this mother also wants to start off by saying she is damn proud of herself for this hack.*

It's free, it's putting to use two things that were previously just lying around the house, and it's washable.

Okay, maybe there's a
little bit of slouching.
My oldest, now seven years old, isn't a slouch, but without a true booster seat she's a wee bit small for the adult dining table.

While cleaning out the basement, I came across a few things of subjective "value," including (and you all have a few) a random, reusable grocery bag.

Well, pair that with a throw pillow, and I think we've got ourselves a big-kid booster!

Simply stuff the pillow into the bag,

tie the bag over the pillow,

and tie the pillow to the chair.

Now show the before and after pictures:

She's only a bit higher, but definitely at a more comfortable angle
to refuse to eat the dinner I cooked that night.

Have I mentioned it is washable?  

It might be light in color (not awesome for spaghetti night, but hey, it's free and it matches the decor, Martha) but I can take the thing off and send it upstairs to the laundry room, to hang out with the sixteen pairs of panties the four-year-old has already gone through this week.

So I hope a few of you can use this hack for those in-between kids that are too big for an actual booster seat, yet too little to sit comfortably at the big-kid table.

*Eccles. 10:13  Will citing the Bible get me off the hook for the curse word?

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