June 14, 2017

Father's Day: You Don't have to buy Anything!

It's optional!!

Just a friendly reminder for Father's Day, you don't actually HAVE to buy anything.

Why not:

     - Ask him if he really WANTS something, or just politely accepts it?

     - Save that big purchase for his birthday?

     - Save that big purchase for when the family really needs it? 

          (I'm thinking tools here.  Don't use Father's Day as an excuse to buy a new drill.  If you really needed a drill, you would have bought one already, non?)

     - Let him have total control over the day?  

  • If he wants to sleep in, try to sneak the kids downstairs when they wake up.  
  • If he wants to go for a hike, grab the sunscreen and water bottles and get the kids in the car.  
  • If he wants to watch the US Open, or the Men's College World Series or "Say Yes to the Dress" all day, tell him "Knock yourself out, dude.  It is YOUR day."  
  • If he wants to spend 45 minutes with nothing but the grill, a couple of flat-iron steaks and a few sweaty domestics, let him and make no mention of any yard work, we cool?

Guess what the kids can do while Dad's out there on the patio (or on the couch, or still in bed)?

    Yep - draw another "I love you Daddy" picture.  My kids (ages 7 and 4) NEVER get tired of making pictures for their parents so Father's Day is really just another day in paradise for them.


  1. I totally agree - we don't buy gifts for Father's or Mother's Day but prefer to let Mum or Dad choose what they want to do for the day - and they certainly don't have to do any chores that day!! Popping by from Zero-Waste Heroes!

    1. I'm a big fan of "let them do whatever they want" day as well. On my day, I usually ask for about three hours alone and it feels like the human equivalent of a iPhone being charged overnight. :-) Thanks for the comment!