October 13, 2015

Zero Waste Homemade Bisquick - Biscuits

See that box in my fridge?

It's full of homemade pancake mix and it's been in there for over a month.  

And that's good because that stuff's supposed to be good for three months and today we are going to test it out with Bisquick's namesake....biscuits.  

(For the biscuits, lovely Karrie let me use her recipe again, and the original recipe for homemade pancake mix can be found here.)  

I'm short one team member for this experiment - the oldest is down with the flu.

Oh but the youngest is ready.  Ready for Toddler Scoop and Sweep method.

Toddler Leveling.

Combining dry...

...with wet.

Careful not to over stir.

Greasing the pan is a must for this sticky batter.

And the Toddler Drop method.

In the oven for 9 minutes or so and literally, it took me less time to cook these biscuits than to get medicine down my five year old.

How were they?  Tasty enough eat without butter or jelly (although I don't know what type of flagellant would ever eat a biscuit without butter or jelly).  Not too bad for drop biscuits.  

Which is to say, there exists better biscuits out there.  I think rolled, homemade buttermilk biscuits fall in the "Proof that God Loves Us" category, but in a pinch drop biscuits will suffice.  This recipe only has two ingredients which is one less than pancakes and two less than waffles.  And although the waffles were a bit of a bust, I think a sub 15-minute turnaround on pancakes, waffles and even shortcake is enough to convince me to keep this stuff in the fridge year-round.

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