August 4, 2015

New Year's Resolution #4: Transition Back to Cloth Diapers

Since we are talking about kids this month, it seemed like a good time to check in with a zero waste New Year's resolution that revolved around my two-year-old.

Sometime in early spring I attempted to make the switch back to cloth diapers.

That attempt was a failure.

This time I had the full support of the family and I had plenty of diapers since my girl was two years old, not two months old.  I sweet-talked her day care gals into helping me out by bringing a laundry sack and a plate of fresh pastries each Monday.

But the diapers just don't hold it in.

See this picture?  Loves her cloth diaper.

See this one 30 seconds later?  Action shot of her saturating her pj bottoms.

My daughter is a bipedal racehorse, folks.  She could fill a Brita, that girl.  And no amount of inserts or tweaking of snaps and velcro would contain her steaming supply.

Except disposables.

But.... the good news is, I still (sort of) achieved my ultimate goal, and that was not to USE cloth diapers, but to STOP USING disposable diapers.

One day I came to pick up my girls from day care and discovered my youngest was running around sans diaper.

"We've been kinda potty training her, if that's okay with you, Mom?"

If that's okay?

     Um, is a Saturday afternoon with a good book and free babysitting okay?

          Is a hot latte and some handmade raspberry truffles (and free babysitting), okay?

               Is a ticket to Paris, a cozhôtel in the Marais and a week of free babysitting, okay?

So indirectly I've moved toward my resolution and halfway into the year my diaper use is down considerably, as is her diaper rash and my disposable diaper guilt.  We're still working on night training.  And for that I think it's time to bite the bullet, cut her liquids after dinner, double up on mattress covers and give her some special incentive panties for the bed.  Fingers crossed and now what do to with those cloth diapers?


  1. Sell them on diaper swappers or Craig's list!

  2. Congrats! Just spent a few days with friends of ours who have a 2-yr old. Did NOT miss the diaper stage! Miss a lot of other 2-yr old things, but not those!

    1. Thanks! Trying nighttime potty training now. This morning she crawled into bed with me. You don't know nerves in the bedroom until you have a potty-training toddler sleeping next to you!

  3. All of our kids slept with us until a newborn came along. So yes, I know those nerves!