December 4, 2014

Thinking of Trying Zero Waste? Start Here

During this crazy month of red cups and ribbons, gatherings and gingerbread, nativity and new hope, wreaths and wrapping, nice lists, naughty lists, carols and, at my father's house, copious amounts of 500 calorie egg nog laden with back-of-the-bottom-shelf bourbon, time is better spent with our families and loved ones.

So I'm going to slow down here at Zero Waste Mommy and provide you with some links to some important places - good for becoming familiar with the Zero Waste fight, or maybe just having a little ZW fun.

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This week I encourage you to check out Zero Waste Home.

The creator, Bea Johnson, deserves credit for the soft war on waste and was one of my inspirations for taking a critical look at how I buy and subsequently, how I throw.

If you like her website, then you must pick up her book, also called Zero Waste Home, for after the holidays.  You can find a copy through her website or even give your local library shot.  I'm sure she'd appreciate both.

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